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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review of "Anne Bradstreet" by D. B. Kellogg

Thomas Nelson Publishers recently sent me this book as a free review copy; my thoughts are below.

Anne Bradstreet’s life is a remarkable legacy of Christian devotion, perseverance, and Biblical womanhood. Often in her life she experienced times of great physical illness, but she never gave in to the temptation of playing the invalid and not involving herself in the affairs of her family. With a busy brood of eight children the Bradstreet home never lacked work, especially in the early New England wilderness in which they settled. Anne faithfully devoted herself to family duties, educating her children, showing hospitality to friend and stranger alike, and spending time meditating upon her God.

Somehow amid this busy life of sickness and toil she managed to write whole books of poetry, dealing with profound ideas of life, family, and religion, as well as historical epics which demonstrated her comprehensive grasp of past events. The name of Anne Bradstreet became respected throughout both Old and New England, with men and women alike enthusiastically complimenting her literary works.

D. B. Kellogg’s biography, while informative, is not very well written, and does not give as good an understanding of Bradstreet’s life as I would wish. It is somewhat unorganized, and seems more like a collection of essays, tied together by some chronological threads.


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