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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ode to My Friend

Always I am cheered by her voice on the phone. She is my dearest of friends. In years gone past, my children could always tell her call by my smile and voice when on the phone. From our first of meetings, our hearts connected. Her indomitable cheerfulness and my melancholy spirit blended to make a friendship beyond compare. Now so many miles apart, my heart does ache to not be closer during this season of challenge she faces.

“My whole life has changed in these past 24 hours,” were her words to me when the news of her beloved husband’s brain cancer was shared. My mind was flooded with memories of this awesome friendship shared by our families. This strong, strapping husband of hers had walked many a mile with us. From buzzing Tim’s hair each summer to building the addition on our home for Jeff’s dad, his life blessed ours in so many ways.

Now, my friend faced challenges she never expected. Mother to seven and grandmother to three, with friends beyond count, life will need to be lived in a totally new context. Yet, she is still trusting in God‘s sovereignty, seeking to care and minister to her husband with love and cheerfulness. Still asking me questions about my own life, still remembering my birthday with her faithful call.

I have learned so much from you over the years, dear friend. I am not the same person because of all you have taught me. If not in flesh, I am with you in spirit. Praying for strength, mercies and the will of God to enfold these your days of trial. May God pour out blessings beyond on compare.

Please pray for Henry and Kim. For healing for Henry, for funds to be provided for the many medical bills and for both to be vessels of God’s grace during this time.