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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winston Churchill: Christian Encounters

I was excited to receive this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for free, with the understanding that I would write a review. Winston Churchill: Christian Encounters, a brief biography by John Perry, explores the great statesman’s life primarily from the aspect of religion. While not dwelling on any area of Churchill’s life in great detail, the book does provide a decent cursory view of the great man’s actions.

Winston Churchill: Christian Encounters has a good balance of quotations and scholarly analysis. The style is easy to understand, and informative. From both the author’s conclusions and Churchill’s own words, I do not see evidence that he was a born again Christian. Instead, Winston Churchill seems to center on man’s abilities more than God’s providence, and to only have a hazy understanding of an Almighty Being.

The many references to God, the Almighty, and Scripture found in Churchill’s writings and speeches may seem at first to evidence a belief in Christ, but after digging deeper, a much more humanistic approach to life is seen.

All in all, Winston Churchill: Christian Encounters presents a unique perspective, and is written well. I would recommend this book to those either interested in his spiritual life or desirous of a brief overview of his career and achievements.


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