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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's in a Word? by Webb Garrison

Recently, Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me a brand-new book for free to review. What’s in a Word? presents a fascinating look at the etymology and origins of more than 350 common words and phrases. I really enjoyed this book, which is easy to read and nicely formatted. Most of the words and phrases have origins so unique that I never would have guessed a connection!

“Make no bones about it,” I have a “hunch” that reading What’s in a Word? will be a “cinch” for you. It’s “hands-down” a great read, and many other etymology books can’t “hold a candle” to this one. Whether you “got up on the wrong side of the bed,” narrowly escaped “by the skin of your teeth,” or maybe just have “too many irons in the fire,” this book will be interesting, humorous, and insightful!

I found it amazing how many of our common phrases have either evolved from old English terms, or become abbreviations of their inventors’ proponents’ names. Some meanings have changed so much from their original definitions that they now mean something opposite. If you enjoy etymology, or simply like knowing the origin of the words you commonly say, then get this book!



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