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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Advice For Mothers

Recently, my children asked if I would start writing on our family blog. They seem to enjoy giving me assignments for a change! As I have often instructed them to write from personal experience, I've decided to try and do the same.

Having entered our twenty-first year of “official” home education and being Vision Forum affiliates, it seems a good fit for me to discuss from time to time some products I would recommend from the Vision Forum website. One of my personal favorites is the CD set for home schooling mothers recorded by Victoria Botkin.

Victoria , mother of 7 and precious wife to Geoffrey Botkin, has put together 2 CD’s which is a compilation of her home educating experience. Having had the opportunity to meet Victoria and “taste” of the fruit of her labors through her endearing family, I could not wait to listen to these CD’s. I was not disappointed! Entitled Curriculum Advice and produced in a two volume set, these CD’s offer insight, practical help and refreshment to mothers.

Volume One centers on the early years, ages 3 through 8. Victoria not only helps the listener to choose material and develop a plan for this beginning stage, but also how to create a home environment which encourages creativity and discovery. Volume Two further develops these areas but also shows a mother how to recognize the different giftings of her children and how to encourage independent learning. Frugal mothers will appreciate this product as Victoria does not believe home education needs to be costly and her ideas are very practical.

What I found unique about Curriculum Advice is the sharing by the Botkin children on how their mother has impacted their lives with her wisdom and creativity. For mothers just beginning this home educating process, and for moms in need of some “fresh oil” as they carry on this important endeavor, the words of these young people will be life giving.

If you need some encouragement or know someone who does, or if you are just beginning this home educating journey, I would highly recommend this CD set. I have even given these as baby gifts to new mothers desiring to walk the home educating path. As far as I am concerned, it is never too early to prepare for training our children.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, cuddle up with a little one or share an hour or two with your husband and listen to Curriculum Advice. You will be blessed.



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