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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Pictorial Perspective

As the new year quickly approaches, I find my mind often wandering back over the past twelve months, cataloging all that has happened during this short space of time. Have I taken every moment captive? Have I sought to honor the Lord with every thought, word and deed? Have I grown spiritually, acquired new skills and sought to hone the talents God has given?

Although the answers to these questions has not always been as I would desire, I am grateful for this time of year, and the quiet moments of reflection this past week has afforded. Thinking through these past months sparked a desire to share, with the few friends who still read this neglected blog, a pictorial overview of the year 2009 in the life of the Horn family.

So, if you care to, sit back and enjoy a whirlwind tour of the happenings, trips and delights of the past twelve months from our perspective.


Covenant Ranch

January in South Texas

Dad enjoying a grandfatherly-like experience
with a little hunter friend

Reunited With Family

Mom with her mother and siblings at the funeral for her
beloved grandmother

How Does Your Garden Grow?

John and Dad preparing to build Mom a mini
raised-bed garden

San Antonio Tax Day Tea Party

Cara and a friend taking a stand against governmental

The Sport of Choice

Tim and John combining their efforts on the
volleyball court

Expanding Culinary Horizons

Cara partaking of her first authentic Filipino

Family From Afar

Fellowshipping with visiting family

Cousins battling it out over foosball

Leslie T's Wedding

Cara preparing to stand with and watch her
friend wed

The happy couple with a collection of old friends

Fellow bridesmaids and childhood friends

Ocean City, New Jersey

Tim and Cara hanging out with old friends at the shore

Reformation 500 in Boston

"William the Silent," a.k.a John, conversing with "William
Tyndale," a.k.a. Nolan M.

"Katharina von Bora Luther," a.k.a. Cara, regaling
children with stories of her time in the convent

Dani B's Wedding

Cara serving as a bridesmaid in her dear friend, Danielle's
October wedding

Tim and Cara celebrating together during
the reception

Texas-sized Smiles

Enjoying a windy day with dear friends from New Jersey

Husband and Wife

Witnessing the union of Rebecca Serven and Steven Loomis


Cara and "Aunt" Elaine enjoying some after-dinner fellowship

Bidding Farewell

The Mariachi singers serenade Peter Serven as we say goodbye
to a good friend and neighbor

The Horn "Kids"

John, Cara and Tim in front of the Christmas Tree.
This was Cara's first Christmas as the shortest
member of the trio.

The Courtin' Couple

Lauren and Tim


John and Tim enjoying a moment together