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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Reformation 500

Wow! We have returned from beautiful Boston, where we spent the first week of July celebrating and learning about our Reformation heritage. This year being the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, Vision Forum hosted a huge celebration called The Reformation 500.

You might be wondering why the event was held in Boston. This beautiful city was chosen because of the great amount of American history which took place there. What does this have to do with the Reformation and John Calvin? A lot!

Without John Calvin, America would not be the same. His clear expounding of the Christian religion, of family, law, and freedom was used by our founding fathers in their fight against English tyranny. As Christians, we have an amazing heritage. For centuries, our ancestors and spiritual fathers were persecuted, tortured, burned, hanged, and drowned for their rejection of the Roman Catholic church. We now have freedom, but only because those who came before fought, both in prayer and with weapons for this freedom.

In England, France, the Germanic states, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and basically all over Europe, the Roman Catholic church was the recognized state religion. And then, something happened. Courageous men and women arose, and showed the abuses of the church. Bold Bible translators such as William Tyndale enabled the common man to read God's Word, and to see the wrong practices of the Roman Catholic church.

However, Catholics didn't take kindly to this rejection of their teachings. Bloody persecutions, in some cases exterminations, were practiced, and yet the "new learning" grew. This new learning, as it was termed at first, what we now know as the Reformation, was actually going back to old principles, established through God's Word before the Roman Catholic church twisted and perverted the Christian religion.

Over the next weeks, I will be posting pictures and writing about both the Reformation 500 event and the Reformation itself. To view tons of beautiful pictures, visit Mr. Phillip's blog. You may see some pictures of reformers who showed up for the event, such as the two below.


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