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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tax Day at the Alamo

On April 15, 2009, Texans gathered in front of the Alamo.  An orderly crowd, 16,000 strong, formed in front of the aged landmark holding signs and protesting two things: unlawful and ever-increasing taxation, and the Socialistic leanings of our government.  Many held signs, such as "You stole my future" and "This is Texas, not Tax-us".  Speakers taught on our Constitutional rights and how they are being violated.  We were exhorted to wake up out of apathy, and to become more active in contacting our representatives, and most importantly, on voting for those who will up-hold the Constitution.

A Colombian immigrant passionately declared why she came to America; the land of liberty and opportunity.  Terri Hall of TexasTurf.org, shared her passion to keep toll roads out of Texas.  She also raised the pressing issue of the Trans Texas Corridor, a super highway being built through the US, connecting Mexico and Canada.  The highlight of the evening was the speech by Mr, Douglas Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries.  He made clear that the only way this country can return back to former days of prosperity and liberty, is by recognizing  that we need to repent, turn our hearts back to God, and return to Biblical principles.

You can download his entire speech free from Behemoth.com by going here.