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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Free Stuff at Vision Forum!!

Vision Forum has just announced to its affiliates an absolutely stupendous sale. For 48 hours beginning tomorrow, Black Friday, buy two items get any third item (of same or lesser value) free! This deal works for multiple combinations, so if you want to buy four items, you get two free. Wow! This is no mean sale! There's a lot of good stuff this year, so let's get shopping! Below are a couple recommendations I have for things to get.


The Princess Adelina is a story of Christian bravery in pagan Bohemia, eighth century A.D. When Adelina is whisked away from simple peasant life to queen of a blatantly pagan empire, she faces many temptations and trials, added to which are ambitious men bent on her destruction.

This inspiring story gives 21st century girls a look at life
in the 8th century. Adelina is an honorable example of courage, nobility,
perseverance, and faith in God. —Beall Phillips


This series of lectures given by William Potter, military historian, is an instructive look into twenty pivotal battles of history. Just a couple of those covered are:

Cannae — 216 B.C. — Romans vs. Carthaginians
Crécy — 1346 — England vs. France
Waterloo — 1815 — England vs. France
Britain — 1940 — England vs. Germany


The Monstrous Regiment of Women was directed by Colin Gunn, a Christian Scottish filmmaker, and won the Best of Festival Award for the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. A thoughtful insight into the modern feminist movement, the film also explores the harmfulness of the Planned Parenthood organization, and how our generation is being affected.


Vision Forum has entered the techno-gadget world with pre-loaded iPod® Nano's. Instead of cracked and missing Cd's, just buy an iPod® ! Easy to use, already programmed with five albums of the Jonathan Park Creation Drama Series, this is a great gift idea, for a reasonable price.


Here comes the tank! Heavy-duty wheels allow this amphibious vehicle to travel on all hard surfaces such as grass, carpet, and gravel. Or head for the pool as the wheels fold in and enable propellers to speed it away. Watch out army men as air soft pellets skim the water! A one-of-a-kind treasure!

Grandfather's Classic Toys

Grandfather's Classic Toys is a little-publicized portion of the Vision Forum store. They have vintage toys such as scooters, rocking horses, and this pedal fire engine. Seeing this old-fashioned new product brought back memories for my mom, who had one just like this when she was young. It's a great Christmas gift for any little wanna-be firefighter.

Enjoy the sale!



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