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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today after church meeting we heard from a man who has been visiting our church. Recently he has become involved with an orphanage in Zambya, Africa. He showed a small video, and then a Power Point presentation. It was very interesting learning about the country, and the efforts of ministries. I found out that there are 1.2 million children left parentless by the AIDS virus. A ministry by the name of All Kids Can Learn Zambya has started an orphanage compound named Village of Hope. Village of Hope is building small cottages that can house 8-10 orphans and a live-in housemother.

It was a very interesting, and very touching presentation, and it made me remember just how good of a life we have in America, and how easy we forget the sufferings of Christians in other countries. By the way, here's a fact to give you a perspective. The average income in Zambya is $395.00 a year. To learn more about Zambya and the Village of Hope, you can visit the two following sites. A blog, or the ministry website.



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