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Sunday, October 26, 2008

World Series - Game 4

Tonight is game four of the World Series, and the Fightin' Phils are 3-1 after tonight's win. Last night was a nail-biting game, which finally ended with a win for the Phillies. Tonight was another great game. The picture is of the Phillies pitcher, Joe Blanton, who usually can't hit a lick, but tonight put a run on the board witha solo home-run. Final score, 10-2. We're looking forward with great anticipation to tomorrow night. If the Phils can win, they've clinched the World Series. If not, they go back to Tampa Bay (they're playing in Philadelphia) to try and finish up. Go Phils!



Blogger kalipay said...

Usually I would know about things like this, but I haven't kept track. So all my Phillies news comes from the Horns blog. ;)

10:21 PM  
Blogger The Horn Family said...


As you can see, we are a bit excited around here. One might leave Philly, but Philly never leaves you. :)

I'm sure John will keep you updated on the outcome of tonight's game. Hoping the Series ends today!


8:41 AM  

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