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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Vice-presidential Debates

On Thursday the highly anticipated Vice-presidential debate took place, between Senator Joe Biden, and Governor Sarah Palin. I thought it was interesting to understand a little bit better what they believe in. It was not only interesting, though, it was scary. To think that one of the men they each represent will become the next President of the United States is disheartening. However, putting aside their qualifications, that’s not the only thing I saw. They both were falling over each other in saying how they will help the government get involved even more in all sorts of things.

We have become such a country, that we expect that the government should be involved in every aspect of our life. One example is when Sarah Palin explained how much she wanted the government involved in helping special needs children. Helping special needs children is great. If you want to give a sacrificial gift to an organization for special needs children, that’s wonderful. But it’s not wonderful for the government to take your money, and give it to the same place. One is called freewill, and the other government spending through taxation.

I think there’s one thing that we, as a country, have lost sight of. We have elections every two years for senators. They give campaigns, promises, and try to make themselves likeable. Then we elect them, and they go to Washington. The minute they get there, they think that all accountability is gone. They do whatever they want, pursue their own agendas, and don’t even consider what their constituents want them to do. The sad thing is that most people don’t care, and the same politicians get re-elected again.

That’s one reason why people have been surprised at the response of the common people to controversial bills. Two come to mind. The first one is the highly discussed immigration bill, trying to allow special “z-visas” to illegal aliens. The second is the Bailout Bill just passed in the senate, and now going to the house. (Unfortunately, senators didn’t listen to those who they supposedly “represent”, and they passed it anyway). I want you to understand, that my family is not the standard-bearer. We probably haven’t contacted our representatives nearly as much as we could, or should have. But I think we can all work on getting some accountability back into Washington.



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