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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Vision Forum Catalog!

Well, folks, the new Vision Forum catalog has arrived, and is hitting mailboxes at this very moment! And there are a lot of new products. New books, audio products, and videos. And especially toys! There are tons of new toys. From communicator watches, to secret spy glasses, to Sergeant York Rifles. The toy I'm most excited about, though, is Vision Forum's new Amphibious Tank.

It travels on land and water, has a powerful remote control, and shoots
air soft pellets! Now do you know why it sounds like fun? In fact, the tank has won the 2008 Vision Forum Staff Award. I can't wait to get one for myself. Just think of the toy soldier battles you could have with a tank that can move on carpet, grass, and just about any other surface.

I can remember experiences of getting little cheap tanks at the Dollar Store. Not only did they not look very good, or shoot anything, but I can remember getting so annoyed because they wouldn't move on any kind of rug or carpet! Not very helpful when you're trying to sneak up on an enemy army. Plus the Amphibious Tank has four cup holders, and makes a perfect caddy for a cup of lemonade across the pool.

This year the video department has produced a bunch of fun little commercial/demos for some of the toys. They're a lot of fun to watch! Some of the new products with video demonstration are the Morse Code Communication Kit, the Thomas Edison Light Bulb Kit, the Amphibious Tank, and the Classic Knights Collection. (I think I'm going to have some fun this year). Why don't you check them out at



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