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Friday, October 17, 2008

Does the World Know Where You Stand?

In San Antonio, one spends an inordinate amount of time behind the wheel traveling around this geographically-sprawling city. Whether driving to church, work, the grocery store, music lessons or running other various errands around town (or should I say, region?) countless hours are spent every week traversing the streets of this city and its environs.

While out driving over the past several months, I’ve noted the numerous bumper stickers and yard signs cropping up all over the city expressing the ideologies and political leanings of its inhabitants. McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden signs and slogans vie for attention along the busy highways and quiet, tree-lined neighborhood streets. Both signs cause me to cringe.

Recently, while traversing a particularly sign-filled street, I remembered that our own country yard was bereft of any sign communicating our political beliefs. With my father’s blessing and a quick trip to that situation is currently being corrected. Our sign is on its way.

I know it’s not much – posting a sign in our yard supporting a man for President that most people have never heard of before - but perhaps it will open up dialogue with neighbors, or simply serve to remind other fellow drivers that one does not have to vote for a Marxist this November.

Chuck Baldwin is a man who believes in the Constitution, who loves the Constitution, and who would uphold the Constitution if elected. And that, my friends, is more than I can say for either of the other two candidates.

This November 4th, I alongside of my father, will cast a vote for Chuck Baldwin for President. We would encourage others to think through the election issues whether they be Biblical or Constitutional, and join us in voting for a principled candidate. Either way, the world, and our neighbors, shall know where we stand.


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