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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christian Filmmakers Academy

Last year I went to the Christian Filmmaker’s Academy, a project put on by the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF). Because one of my interests is filmmaking, I enjoyed the academy a ton. I learned a lot from many different aspects of filmmaking. That’s one great thing about the Academy, it covers so many different approaches of film. And believe me, there’s a lot!

Some of the things I learned about last year were sound design, lighting, 3D modeling, new cameras, and different techniques. Mr. Phillips, Mr. Botkin, and his son, Isaac Botkin, gave a tremendous symposium on Walt Disney, the man. Walt Disney was probably the most influential man in filmmaking of all time. He developed new technology, and always pushed the bar of excellence a little higher each film. Another amazing part was a lecture given by David Rasmussen, a high-altitude camera-man, who shared his experiences climbing and filming Mount Everest! Also discussed was the theology associated with filmmaking, and why, how, and when we should make Christian films.

I really enjoyed it last year, and I hope to go again this year, to learn even more. If you are interested in filmmaking, why don’t you come? This year, January 5-7, the 2009 Christian Filmmakers Academy will be held. There’s a lot of new exciting stuff, including in-depth analysis of the two new movies, Fireproof and Expelled. To learn more about the upcoming Academy, go here, or visit the website at I think it’ll be a great experience!



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