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Friday, October 10, 2008

California Travels

Tim, Uncle Steve, Dad and John at Torrey Pines State Park

As John mentioned in a few previous posts, our family recently traveled to the sunny State of California. Visiting Dad's brother who lives in the hills surrounding San Diego was the main impetus for this family vacation. We reveled in the quiet, relaxing pace of the week, carefully balancing sight-seeing expeditions with long hours of reading, talking, swimming, ping-pong matches and rousing games of Pinochle.

Spending time with my uncle, visiting the beautiful San Diego area and swimming with my family in the Pacific Ocean made the straight-through 19-hour drive from San Antonio worth every minute. Let me warn you though, if you ever contemplate this drive across our southwestern states, be prepared to see a lot of one color: brown. It's everywhere you want to see. : ) Oh, and for those who are firmly convinced of imminent overpopulation, perhaps a nice, long drive through West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona would help quell your fears. This Jersey girl has never felt so completely alone before on a road trip. Uh, just how many miles is it to the next gas station?

Following our delightful week in San Diego my family started the trek home, kindly allowing me to spend an additional week in California visiting a dear friend near Los Angeles. As she did during my last visit 3 years ago, Lydia one again gave me the grand California tour. In addition to visiting several places of interest, I was greatly blessed by the conversation and fellowship offered by Lydia and her family. Whether baking apple pies together, hiking in the nearby hills, or dialoguing late into the night, every moment was a sweet reminder of blessed Christian friendship.

After 2 weeks in California, the Lord allowed me to return home refreshed, invigorated, grateful for time with family and friends, amazed at the beauty of His Creation, and yes, even sporting a California tan. : )



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