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Friday, September 05, 2008

A New Milestone

John's first day of high school

After nearly twenty years of home education, Mom is now teaching high school one last time. Yes, that is right. John has now entered into his last four years of formal at-home education.

At thirteen, John is intelligent, quick-witted, and a bright beam of sunshine in our home. He is the reigning poet of the family, aspiring film-maker, and champion mower-of-the-lawn. His topics of study range from music and history to poetry and math. Bible study, film-making, writing, literature, science and art appreciation are also subjects included in this first year of high school for John.

More than anything else, Dad and Mom desire to raise up God-fearing children to serve as mighty warriors in His Kingdom. To this end, they have self-sacrificially home educated each of their children. How grateful we are that almost twenty years ago a young couple decided to buck the cultural norm and begin a long journey down the path of educating and discipling their children each and every day. We do not deserve our parents, but we are so thankful God endowed them with this vision.

John, you are well on your way to maturity. As your sister, I am so blessed to see the man God is shaping in you. May you use these remaining years of formal education to the glory of God.

Welcome to high school.

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