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Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Books!

Lately, we've been having fun at

This place is a wonderful resource for all kinds of books and CD's, for next to nothing. To start an account, we simply filled out the information, such as address, email, etc. and then posted ten books and CD's of ours that that we didn't need anymore. For the first ten books, we got two credits to use on anything. (One credit is good for one book, and two credits for a CD.)
When people wanted our books, they requested them, and we payed to mail them out. When they receive the book, we get a credit to order something. The only money we had to pay was for shipping out our book. There's no fee for the site!
Another neat thing is that it's not just paperbacks. You can also get hardbacks, CD's and cassettes. We've sent out fourteen, received three, and have five in the mail!
We're loving this site. If you want books for next to nothing, go to, and sign up. When you fill out the information, put hornfamily in the referral box, and we'll get a credit! Happy swapping.


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