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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This post was written a few weeks ago, but due to issues with Blogger I just now managed to publish it.
Although these past couple weeks have literally flown by, filled with holiday happenings and assisting Dad at his work, I did not want to neglect writing a short synopsis of the special evening we shared as a family a few weeks ago, celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of our parents.

Gathered around our dining-room table, we feasted while listening to stories of how Mom and Dad met, their time as an engaged couple, their wedding and the years before children. For hours we sat, talked, listened and laughed, recalling funny stories and challenging times our parents have been through or that we’ve shared as a family. It was truly a memorable time.

After we had eaten our fill, I ducked out of the room and grabbed our recently completed anniversary gift to Mom and Dad: a photo album covering all of their 25 years of marriage. It was not an easy or simple matter to keep the album a secret, but thankfully we managed and the looks of pleasure and surprise were worth all the late nights. The remaining portion of our celebration evening was spent pouring over these pictures which chronicled the life our family for the past quarter of a century. What a way to remember special occasions from the past and put life into perspective.

John, the family poet, wrote two beautiful poems commemorating Mom and Dad’s anniversary which he presented to them during our time of celebration, and I thought I’d share one with you all.

Their Holiday
Dedicated to Jeffrey D. and Dorys Lee Horn on the occasion of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

O happy day, when bride and groom
Into one pers’n are joined
And that happy word of marriage
To two happy people is coined.

When wedding bells ring
And joy is extreme
When excitement is his
And love she doth beam

That is the day
They’ll remember for e’er
As all through their life
For each other they care.

And every day, that is that date
To them, a blessed holiday
A glorious day, a wonderful day,
And ‘bout it they will say

“Long years have passed
In joy supreme
And long days are coming
O, the glorious dream.”

They say this at each
Of their holidays
When they look at each other
On those glorious days

Now 25 years are done and gone
Hope the same is in the future
But the present’s the thought
As they with to the other, both him and her

That their days from here on
Fill with love divine
And that the same would be
To all of their kind. -John Horn