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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A young couple joined together in holy matrimony to begin a new legacy; one of love, commitment, devotion to the Lord and multi-generational faithfulness.

Happy Silver Anniversary, Dad and Mom.

Hopefully a longer post which better commemorates this memorable event will be forthcoming in the near future, as time permits.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last week we were privileged to host a dear family friend of ours known affectionately as “Aunt Kay.” Although not related by blood, our dear 85-year-old “aunt” has played a close and vital part in our lives from the time of Dad’s childhood.

Growing up, Dad and his brothers were not blessed with close relationships between biological aunts and uncles, but forged bonds with their parents’ closest friends: Jack and Kay Crane. Uncle Jack and Aunt Kay, as they were quickly dubbed, were unable to have children of their own and so poured their lives into the children of others, including three rowdy, adventurous boys who went by the last name of Horn. Attending basketball games and graduations, taking the boys out for ice cream, sharing of their love for history and hiring them on for summer jobs were just a few of the ways this couple made a difference in the lives of Dad and his brothers.

When Dad’s beloved mother died of cancer while Tim was just a baby, Aunt Kay stepped in to fill the role of surrogate grandmother. Tragically widowed a few years prior to Tim’s birth, her lonely heart gathered him in; from then on all Horn offspring came to associate “Aunt” Kay with the deeper relationship akin to grandmother and grandchild.

Memories abound of time spent visiting her home in central Pennsylvania. Sometimes the entire family would make the several hour trip for a long weekend stay, but my favorite remembrances are of the summer visits Tim and I made to her abode for a week each year when we were little. As a little tyke of four and five, I would often wonder if the time would ever come when I could join Tim on these week-long excursions, and how excited I was when at last that time came! We played games such as “Go Fish” and “Rummy” by the hour, went on library excursions filling our arms with books to devour, drove to her sister’s nearby farm playing all around the stocked pond and old farmhouse, and listened as she read us stories before bed. She loved us and we loved her.

One can easily see why it was with great delight and eager anticipation that we welcomed Aunt Kay to San Antonio for her first visit last week. What a special time we shared laughing about old family stories, remembering trips together, reading and discussing God’s Word and praying for the country we all love so dearly. After her visit of a couple days, it was with a lump in my throat and tears threatening my eyes that I escorted her to the airport for departure. We laughed and talked, drank frappuccinos, and tried not to cry while waiting for her plane to leave. It’s a good thing when parting is painful.

Words cannot properly express all she means to us, but Proverbs 31:28 comes to mind: “Her children arise up, and call her blessed.” As a “grandchild of the heart” it is my desire today to give honor and proclaim to all the virtue of this godly woman. I am forever grateful for her impact on my life and on the lives of our entire family. Aunt Kay truly has been a blessing from above.