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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The "week of the films" has now come to a close. During that week we were blessed to host a new friend, Ashley, for both the Filmmakers Academy and Film Festival, as well as old friends, Mark and Amy Stubblefield, during the latter event. Seeing friends from around the country, and growing closer to those who live nearby, is such a special and integral part of Vision Forum sponsored events.

Monday of last week saw the start of our hands-on involvement as I was privileged to assist at the registration/information table while our guest, Ashley, attended the Academy. Excitement was in the air as students eagerly learned from some of the most intelligent, creative, humble, family-integrated filmmakers of our time. What a delight to see these godly men surrounded by their honor-giving sons and daughters while instructing future filmmakers in both the theological and technical aspects of this demanding craft.

One of the few sessions I attended at the Academy was Mr. Carpenter's lecture where he instructed students on the practical aspects of building and running a productive Christian film company. Although not gifted in the area of filmmaking myself, Mr. Carpenter's wisdom regarding filmmaking flowed into other areas of life as well, particularly his exhortation to continually stive for excellence. A favorite moment of mine during the Academy was my discussion with a book reviewer for a Christian Canadian magazine regarding some of the products sold at the book table where I was assisting. While reviewing our conversation in my mind later that evening, I was overwhelmed at the blessing it is to be associated with a ministry which stands unapologetically for truth and publishes books that touch lives with their Biblically-based messages.

Thursday afternoon, Mom, John and I headed downtown to begin our volunteering for the Festival, joined by our sweet guest, Ashley. Working at the registration table where I am able to greet attendees and welcome friends from afar is a special delight I have enjoyed at each San Antonio based conference since our move here last year. Mom found herself a representative seeing to needs in the vending hall while John performed his duties as a hall attendantdent that afternoon.

Mr. Phillips' introduction at the Opening Ceremonies thursday night was an exhilarating springboard to start off a film-packed weekend. An extra measure of excitement filled the air that evening as the knowledge of Mrs. Phillips imminent delivery of a baby girl was shared.

Friday and Saturday, in between various tasks and responsibilities, most of us were able to attend a few films and lectures at the Festival. The Oath of Desormeau, which won both the Audience Choice Award and the Best of Festival Jubilee Award, was a definite favorite of attendees and judges alike. Although it had room for improvement in areas, the combined effect of excellent scriptwriting, and above par acting, cinematogrophy and post production, joined together to produce the best film entered in the 2006 SAICFF. I look forward to watching it again when the Best of Festival DVD's are in our possession.

Saturday night, following the breakdown and clean-up at the Convention Center, a whole group of young people converged upon Denny's for the traditional "end of festival" feast. Discussion of films, funny event happenings and sharing of stories filled the next few hours as our weary eyes were propped open with laughter. The crew behind the Best of Festival winner were also partaking at this establishment, and we had the opportunity once again to commend them for their accomplishment.

Following the meeting of our church on Sunday, we enjoyed the gracious hospitality and fantastic cooking of the Sarratt family. A round table discussion of young ladies ensued with lively debate and sharing of thoughts regarding films recently watched at the festival. A growing understanding of what makes a film superior or inferior was shown while discussing the quality of musical scores, cinematogrophy, acting and scriptwriting in the making and viewing of God-glorifying films. We may not all be able to create our own films, but our ability to intelligently critique films has definitely increased following the instruction given at last week's events.

Conference weeks are always brimming with great conversations, new ideas and instruction, forming of friendships, laughter and little sleep. Our love for these times are due to the afore-mentioned aspects (exept perhaps the sleep factor:)), but I have to admit that though eagerly anticipating the next event, I am grateful for the somewhat slower pace which now reigns in our home. Renewing and recharging . . .


Anonymous Dani B said...

was thinking about you last week, glad to hear it went well and was enjoyable to you.

Love ya!

7:11 PM  
Anonymous sally beth said...

Sounds like your week was lovely! So glad you enjoyed such a special time. :-)

2:48 PM  
Blogger The Horn Family said...

Dani B.,
Thanks for stopping by! We had a terrific time during the Academy/Festival and look forward to the same events next year.
Hope you are enjoying the autumn weather for me.

Sally Beth,
Great to hear from you! Thanks for sending Ashley our way; we greatly enjoyed meeting our new Montana friend.


6:45 PM  

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