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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here I sit aboard Delta flight 5311, with my customary in-flight Sprite firmly in hand, typing away at my little laptop. A smaller aircraft than which I normally fly in, this little plane is at present spreading its wings over the lush Pennsylvania farmland at an altitude which allows one to enjoy the scenic views below. For the first time in probably ten years I boarded a plane without the luxury of an indoor access ramp, but as the weather is simply gorgeous the experience only added a bit of fun to my day.

While climbing the steep, narrow stairs connected to the aircraft, my thoughts went back to trips I used to take to Florida with my family as a little girl. Catching our flights at the tiny Mercer County Airport in North Jersey, I remember my fascination at the idea of boarding a plane from the outside; only people in old movies and political leaders flying private jets did that, I thought. Strange what used to give one thrills.

This morning saw me hugging my great-grandparents goodbye as I headed out the door to catch my flight home. After a delightful two week stay filled with hours of conversing and laughing with my beloved MomMom, I had at last to bid her a painful farewell. Sitting by her side, waiting for my uncle and aunt to pick me up, our hands were locked in a firm grasp. Words were not necessary; we know each other so well. I forced back the lump in my throat and thanked God for giving us these two weeks and asked that He might continue to supply her with good health. It's hard to leave a loved one who nears the age of ninety as the mortality of man is that much more evident.

Yesterday I said my goodbyes to the few people in my great-grandparents' retirement community I have come to know these past couple of weeks. Mr. Callahan, the former police officer, bull rider and world traveler, who now drives residents from their cottages to the dining hall, was the most fascinating acquaintance made on this trip. His stories ranged from descriptions of Ireland to the terrifying experiences of riding bulls. Someday I too would love to travel to the green land of Ireland, but I'll leave bull riding for those who think life isn't exciting enough without attempting to kill or maim oneself. :)

Well, my Sprite is nearly gone, and the accompanying cookies are crying out to be tasted, so I suppose my post should end on this note: Goodbye Jersey. Hello San Antonio.



Anonymous Bethany said...

so you got on the plane! i have to call you tomorrow to make sure you landed. ;) i actually like cranberry-apple juice, which is usually an option.

thanks for the long hours we spent together... they are cherished dearly in my heart!

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Jessie said...

We are all looking forward to seeing you with great pleasure. I can't wait to hear some of those bull riding stories. :)

4:30 AM  

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