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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The months of August and September 2006 will be a season of time to remember for years to come. First off, let me say that we are now completely moved in to our new home which is a most delightful feeling. Although there are still numerous cosmetic jobs calling for our attention (are pictures on the walls really that necessary?) it is wonderful to live in a house that by the grace of God, we can call our own.

In August we attended the invigorating Entrepreneurial Bootcamp held in downtown San Antonio and were delighted to host several friends representing the states of New Jersey, Tennessee and Kansas.

A couple days after the departure of these dear friends we were on the road to The Woodlands, a beautiful suburb just north of Houston. For the first time ever we joined as an entire family in representing Vision Forum at their homeschool conference book table. Apart from the fact that some of us were afflicted with colds, and the resulting effects of said colds, we had a marvelous time. Working together as a complete family unit was both enjoyable and productive as we were all able to hold many diverse conversations with the dear people who stopped by the booth.

Tim and I were also privileged to attend the celebration of the covenantal union between Mr. Peter Bradrick and Miss Kelly Brown held in Wake Forest, North Carolina on August 26th. Actually, Tim served as one of Peter's groomsmen and had the pleasure of joining other young men in standing behind the first of his fellow intern friends to enter into the state of marriage. While Tim needed to fly to North Carolina due to time constraints, I was able to join the Torres family in the Texan Caravan they led across the southern states along with several other young people. It was a most enjoyable, uplifting, insightful and memorable time. Imagine spending all those hours in communion with dear friends and fellow bondservants of the Lord, both before and after a most glorious, God-honoring wedding. Simply indescribable.

On September 1st, Tim and Dad left on their long awaited trip to the British Isles while Mom, John and I settled down to a week of rest and rejuvenation at home. We all thoroughly enjoyed our respective times; Tim and Dad in sightseeing and marveling at the amazing history God has given the British people, and those at home in reading, resting, Bible study, and jaunts to nearby areas of interest.

Last Friday, before Dad and Tim returned from England, we received word that our dearly loved great-grandmother had been diagnosed with shingles in addition to a few other health problems which were already causing her great discomfort. Mom's uncle made it possible for me to fly back to New Jersey yesterday to assist with her care. Yes, I am presently writing this post on a laptop, given to me by my incredibly generous uncle, while sitting here in my great-grandparents' home. I can hardly believe I am once again here in my beloved Delaware Valley. Thankfully, my great-grandmother seems to be progressing well and still has her sweet, uncomplaining attitude even though in pain.

I close with hopes of being a more faithful blogger in the days ahead. Signing off from New Jersey.


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