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Thursday, September 14, 2006


No, I've not invented some amazing new machine or discovered a medical breakthrough. My name will not be included in the credits on any screen production, nor will my voice be heard on the radio, but I am a celebrity. One might wonder how that could be, but the answer is quite simple: I'm at least fifty years younger than anyone else eating here in the dining hall where my great-grandparents live!

As I walked to the buffet table to grace my plate with some food the first night here, the little old ladies in line showered me with warm, friendly smiles. Much to my amusement, I could here the stage whispers between residents inquiring as to who I might be. After one darling lady came up to introduce herself, and learned my name and of the family relationship which brought me to this little village, I saw her quickly return to her table and inform the curious minds of same. How absolutely adorable!

Tonight we ate dinner at the dining hall with a dear couple with whom I share a very close, mutual friend. Before this trip, although I had heard of this couple before, I had not had the privilege of meeting them personally, nor was I aware that they lived here in the village. The husband regaled me with stories of his forty years working as a mechanical engineer for a local oil refinery. He tried to impart to this dense brain of mine the process of transforming crude oil into aviation fuel, or at least how it was done during World War II. Although very interested in the subject, and coming away with more knowledge of the fuel refining process than I had ever previously possessed, I must admit that a great deal went "over my head," so to speak. One major thing I did learn though tonight was that at one time gasoline was considered a waste product, something the oil companies had to dispose of in the days when leather lubricating oil and kerosene were the main items for resale. How I love conversing with those of the older generations. Some of them have so many stories to share and just crave a listening ear.

On a more serious note, I am pleased to report that my great-grandmother is doing well. She has improved greatly since first being diagnosed, with the pain decreasing daily. How grateful I am for the prayers of the saints lifted up on her behalf.


Anonymous Grace said...

We miss you here in San Antonio, Cara, but you are doing a wonderful service of love for your family. Look forward to seeing you!

7:50 PM  
Blogger The Horn Family said...

Thanks so much, Mrs. G., for stopping by! Although I love spending time with my family here in New Jersey, I do miss everyone in San Antonio.
Please give your little girl a hug for me. Her smile always brightens my day!


8:25 PM  
Anonymous jessie said...

Dear Cara,

It's wonderful to keep up with you on your family blog. I'm very glad your great-grandmother is doing better. Don't let being a celebrity go to your head! :)We miss you.

7:51 PM  
Blogger The Horn Family said...

Your comment about not letting my "celebrity status" get to my head caused a grin to spread from ear to ear. Don't worry dear, I think I'll manage. :)
Always told that I look old for my years (it's the height), I had to smile tonight when asked by one resident if my 84 year old great-grandfather was my dad. Guess I'll have to check on those wrinkle lines. :)
I will miss seeing you at church, and if you see this before leaving tomorrow, please tell everyone I said "hello."

8:07 PM  

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