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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bare Walls

Once again our walls are bare. Pictures, prints, framed handwork and wall hangings now lay neatly stacked in piles or boxes ready for transport to our new house. Sometimes it seems as if we just did this, but other days it feels like a lifetime ago.

Much is still to be done in preparation for our move, but we all look forward to being settled at last in our own home. Being settled is something for years I took for granted, living from toddlerhood to legal adulthood in one house. Moving was not in my practical vocabulary. Now, in the midst of our second move in 10 months, it seems almost normal.

No one in our family can hold a candle to Mom’s moving record; this will be her 21st move, with 16 years spent in one house. Needless to say, Mom is quite the moving pro. I still am amazed thinking back to our move from New Jersey, and how one could look at our home not and not know that we were moving less than two weeks before our departure date. Thankfully we are taking it a bit easier this time around.

After July 29th, the move date, we all hope it will be a long, long time before our walls are bare again.



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