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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


As most of you know, I recently returned to New Jersey representing my family at a wedding of a dear friend. During my two and a half week stay I was also able to visit many old friends and spend time with some much-beloved, extended family. Many thanks to my aunt and uncle, great-grandparents, and the Thompson and Bruce families for allowing me to stay at their respective homes during my trip.

In order to best relate my experiences, I decided to write several short posts focusing on some special parts of my trip rather than one, long piece. Hopefully this format will best capture the joyous, fun, and bitter-sweet moments of my visit to the Garden State.


Anonymous Bethany said...

great summaries! glad you were happy and enjoyed so much. it was great to see you...

(and good to see a blog post, too! ;) )

8:47 PM  
Anonymous sally beth said...

Your trip sounded and looked like it was lovely! I love the enraptured expression on the Bride's face in the wedding picture you posted. It was an inspiration of the wonderful blessing we young ladies have to look forward to. (Lord willing!) :-)
The pictures made me miss you . . . so glad to get an update on the 'happings' of your life!

6:14 PM  
Blogger The Horn Family said...


I loved seeing you during my trip back to NJ even if only for a short time.


Thanks so much for stopping by! On a side note, you've been on my mind and I will get a letter to you off in the mail. I've been a bit slow in that department as of late.
I loved your description of Rachel's face; enraptured fits her perfectly. She truly loves her man.


8:08 PM  
Blogger kalipay said...

btw, here i am, dear, so you don't forget again... ;)

9:57 PM  

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