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Thursday, April 27, 2006


After a few weeks of major computer problems resulting in no internet access, we once again join the ranks of the blogosphere. Many heartfelt thanks to Michael F., the computer wiz who cured our cranky machine.

So many things have happened in our lives these past few weeks, but I only have time to name a few. Two birthdays have come and gone seeing both Tim and Dad one year older. Thirty years separate the two oldest males in our family, so if you know the age of one, the other is not hard to guess. :)

In the beginning of April we enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and fun with a dear friend of mine from California. Being a great lover of water, I had the fabulous idea to go tubing on the nearby Guadalupe River during her visit. Rising early that Saturday morning, John, Dad, Lydia and I drove out to the campground where we would embark on our trip down the river.

All week long the temperatures had ranged in the 90's, perfect for making the river nice and warm even in early April. Of course, as life would have it, the high for that Saturday only reached in the low 70's. That should have been our first sign that maybe this wasn’t the world’s greatest idea, but being a somewhat stubborn group we bravely pressed on.

After parking at the campground a man drove us on a dirt rode down to the river. Normally that fact would be extremely mundane and not included in the tale of our river trip, but due to the somewhat obvious hangover our driver was suffering from it made the ride interesting to say the least. He was a true Texan "good, ole’ boy" as he quickly informed us that our early arrival had caused him to rush out, forgetting to insert his teeth. He wasn’t joking.

Our first challenge once reaching the water was attempting to situate ourselves in our individual tubes with our jackets still on. It took me all of ten seconds to decide that I’d rather have cold arms than a soggy wet jacket wrapped around me.

Gliding down the river and over the small rapids, we laughed, talked some and searched for the not-yet-present sun. As the hours wore on and the sun came out, new muscles were discovered in our upper arms as we propelled ourselves over the slow-moving sections of the river. After five hours of tubing, we at last reached our destination point where a van was waiting to pick us up (thankfully this driver seemed to have all his faculties, and his teeth, in place).

Upon reaching our car, we became probably one of the few people in Texas that day to turn the heater on as we headed down the road. Once we were home and dried off, the tubing experience seemed like it would be a pleasant memory in the records of our adventures. Boy, were we ever wrong.

Later on that afternoon I began feeling a warm tingling in my calves and knew that I had received my usual sunburn. What I didn’t know was just how bad this burn would be. For the next several days, John, Dad and I were in agony from horrible sunburns on the bottom half of our legs. We were quite a sight to say the least. I quickly mastered the art of walking slightly bent over as the burn prohibited me from standing straight up. Dad actually suffered second degree burns on his legs, and it took him two weeks for the pain to subside.

Moral of the story: The Horn family has decided that tubing on the Guadalupe River doesn’t sound like a fabulous idea anymore.

Much more has happened in these last few weeks, but time constraints make it impossible to record it all. Hopefully my next post won’t be five weeks from now, but one never knows. . .



Anonymous Lydia said...

Dear Cara,
I am so glad to see you back online! :-)

I cannot help giggling at your account of the river trip! What an adventure. I think most of the adventure came after we got out of the water. :-)

Thanks again for the wonderful time!


9:16 PM  
Anonymous Bethany said...

great to "hear" from you again. hope to actually SEE you soon! love...

9:35 PM  
Blogger Parish Family said...

Your post was so funny Cara! We've had similar experiences tubing down the Kings River . . . memories, memories. ;-)

Thinking of you, and missin' you! Glad to hear you're doing well. Aside from the sunburn. ;-)

~Sally Beth

7:34 PM  

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