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Monday, February 27, 2006


For those who think I glanced at the wrong date on the calendar upon waking up this morning . . . I didn’t. I promise. The fact is that I am a tardy blogger. My personal blogging mantra is this: "Live life. If there is time to write about it, and desire to share, post about our latest adventures whenever is most convenient to my schedule." All this is to explain why I am writing about our President’s Day outing a week late. :)

I love rainy days. Monday morning dawned gray, misty, and cool. Delightful. Now please don’t misunderstand, we all have enjoyed the numerous bright and sunny days here in Texas, but a contingent of this family still love those rainy days; they feel so "New Jerseyish." While most people sought refuge in their homes on this holiday due to the weather, we set out to explore new sights in the surrounding area.

Our first stop was the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg. An incredible wealth of information, this museum is an amazing testimony of the grief, suffering, carnage, and ultimate victory America experienced during World War II. Focusing primarily on the Pacific Theater, the Nimitz Museum houses a real, midget Japanese submarine and a World War II vintage airplane, in addition to countless other artifacts and photographs from the war. Mom, Dad, John and I walked through the carefully laid out rooms completely fascinated, but unable to take everything in during just one visit (Tim was out-of-town on business).

Outside of the museum, enclosing a semi-courtyard, walls are filled with countless plaques in honor of specific men who served, as well as ships which saw action during the war. After much searching, John found the plaque which commemorated the service of the ship our great-grandfather served on, the U.S.S. "Boise." Simply reading the list of the places where the "Boise" fought was incredible. Knowing that the man I call "PopPop" fought on that ship throughout the entirety of the war was even more incredible.

How grateful I am to the men who served in World War II. The passage of years has not diminished our indebtedness for the sacrifices those men freely made. Visiting this museum was a further inspiration to never, never forget the blessings of living in a free country, and to always remember to give due honor and thanks to the veterans who fought, like my PopPop.

After a quick bite to eat at a little deli in Fredericksburg, we set off for our next destination point. On the way we passed the Nation’s largest wildflower farm, and Mom remembered something she needed to pick up there. With that small detour behind us, we pulled into the Lyndon Baines Johnson State Historical Park a few minutes later. Although by no means L.B.J. fans, Dad thought it historically appropriate to visit the home of this former president. Because of time constraints, we actually had to postpone our tour of his former residence, but greatly enjoyed walking around the living history farm located on the property.

Set in the early 1900's, this farm runs just as it would have during those years. The midwife who delivered L.B.J. had lived on the farm at one point, I believe, which is why it has been preserved as a section of the park. Seeing how life was truly lived during that time period was of the utmost fascination to us all. I do have to say though that the black German sausage lying on the kitchen table did look pretty disgusting. I thought it better not to ask how that was made.

Following a short tromp through the woods, we headed back to the car and started the journey home. Of course, since we had a bit of time to spare before needing to relieve my grandfather’s care-giver, Dad explored a couple back roads on the way home which topped off a very full, informative, and enjoyable day. And that, folks, is my "President’s Day Post."


The Japanese midget submarine. Posted by Picasa

The plane inside the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Posted by Picasa

Our great-grandfather's ship. Posted by Picasa

All the battles where the U.S.S. "Boise" saw action. Posted by Picasa

John holding up a tree with just his fingers. :) Posted by Picasa

Dad and Mom enjoying the day out. Posted by Picasa

Cara and John resting by an old wagon in the yard of the living history farm.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Picture From the Past: "The Jersey Shore."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Hearing about this broke our hearts. It is one thing when the world calls evil good, but when Christians do the same the grief is much greater.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cara’s 7 x 7's

After receiving a tag from Sally, I took a few moments to sit down and write out my own "7x7's." I warn you beforehand, there is nothing terribly unique or creative about my list, but as I have greatly enjoyed reading the "7's" of others, I at last decided to post mine.

Seven Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die:
1. See my children’s children walk with God.
2. Be able to clearly articulate Biblical truths.
3. Marry a godly man and raise our children for Christ.
4. Travel the globe; especially visiting all 50 states, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.
5. Memorize and retain large portions of the Bible.
6. Become computer proficient.
7. Learn another language.

Seven Things I Cannot Do Well:
1. Draw.
2. Sew.
3. Make my pies look pretty.
4. Beat John at foosball.
5. Love hot weather.
6. Hold a meaningful conversation with strangers.
7. Enjoy early mornings.

Seven Movies I Enjoy: (I don’t necessarily endorse everything in the movies listed here)
1. "The Quiet Man."
2. "Pride & Prejudice." (A&E)
3. "Where Eagles Dare."
4. "Anne of Avonlea."
5. "Hoosiers."
6. "The Village."
7. "Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken."

Seven Things I Say Often:
1. "Aww, isn’t that cute?"
2. "How adorable!"
3. "Hello, this is the Horn’s residence." (when answering the phone)
4. "I’ll get it!" (when the phone rings)
5. "Yikes!"
6. "What in the world?!"
7. "Look at that crazy driver!"

Seven Things That Would Attract Me In A Future Husband:
1. That he would be a man after God’s own heart.
2. Someone who has a loving and close relationship with his own family.
3. A man of uncompromising honesty and integrity, like my dad.
4. One who enjoys hospitality.
5. A man who possesses a vision for impacting the world through families.
6. A man who is a defender of the faith.
7. Someone who is not perfect. :)

Seven Books Or Authors Who I Enjoy Reading: (Besides God’s Word)
1. Elizabeth George Speare
2. "Calico Bush," by Rachel Field
3. "So Much More," by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin
4. "Goodbye Is Not Forever," by Amy George
5. David McCullough
6. Jane Austen
7. "Les Miserables," by Victor Hugo

Seven People On Whom I Inflict This Tag:
I believe I shall refrain from "inflicting" this tag on anyone else. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Purchase tickets to Florida to visit extended family in March. [X]

Purchase tickets to Philadelphia to attend a wedding, and see family and friends in May. [X]

Purchase tickets to Ireland and tour the Irish countryside. [ ] - hmm, it may be awhile before I can check that one off my list. :)


It was with much joy and elation that Mom left the doctor's office this morning with an un-casted arm! After nearly six weeks she finally has free mobility in her right arm, although lifting anything heavy is forbidden by the doctor. Still somewhat swollen, her arm is quite stiff and sore, but the removal of the heavy, blue cast was a delight to her soul.

I think this is one Valentine's Day she will remember for a long time.


Sunday, February 12, 2006


With envy.

As the snow falls in New Jersey, we are all feeling a bit homesick for cold weather. I'm missing the sense of peace and calming beauty which always follows a snowstorm. There is something inexpressibly beautiful about looking out on a world of white.

Life stops when a snowstorm comes. And we always loved that. If it was a big storm, businesses would shut down and no phones would ring in the office. From beneath bundles of clothing, neighbors would call greetings to each other while shoveling out their respective sidewalks.

So for all our snowbound friends back home, we're thinking about you and hoping you are enjoying the snow. I'm off to make some hot chocolate in your honor. :)


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Simple Joys of Life

There are few enjoyments in life like laying out in the sun soaking up its warmth with book in hand. A couple days ago I spoiled myself with such a treatment for about an hour, in the time between grocery shopping and driving to pick up my grandfather. Entwining my toes in the warm grass, and feeling the sun rays dance across my face, I reveled in the quiet solitude so conducive to both reading and thinking. What a sense of peace these simple joys can bring.

Simple joys. How easily I am caught up in the daily duties and tasks of life, neglecting to do the extra things that make life special. As reading has always been of great importance to our family, many special memories revolve around time spent listening while Mom or Dad would read aloud. Some of my very earliest memories are of Dad reading to Tim and me in the evenings. Another vivid recollection I have is of listening to Mom read the Laura Ingalls’ books to me, as a child or around five or six years old, before tucking me into bed. While I loved listening as my parents would bring to life the written word, true appreciation for their sacrifice of time and energy has only come as I’ve grown older.

Now it is a deep joy and privilege to share those memories with my younger brother, John. Over the past couple of years we have read a few books together, and I truly think I’ve enjoyed it just as much being the "reader" as I did being the one read to. There is a special bond created as together you eagerly await the next chapter, laugh over what has happened so far, and discuss your theories about what you think is to come. Sometimes life seems too busy for such a small thing, and at times it is. The several months surrounding our move saw little time to sit down and read together, but how grateful I am that life has now settled down enough to take book in hand and once again be captured by the written word. I am so thankful for the parents God blessed us with, for by their example they have taught us of the need to take a step back and relish in the simple joys of life.