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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


As I pressed the blinking red light and cast my first ever vote earlier today, my thoughts drifted back to memories of watching my parents faithfully vote each election day. I remember watching as they disappeared behind the blue curtains to punch their respective ballots and wonder if I’d ever be old enough to cast my own vote. Life has changed drastically with our move, so my initiation into the voting ranks was not, as I had always figured, in the gym of the little elementary school my dad had attended many years ago. It seems strange to think that after living all those years in New Jersey, my first ballot casting would take place in Texas.

Through the years I have been privileged to see my mother’s wonderful example of voting as a woman. She determined that submission extended to voting, as in all other aspects of life, and made sure that her vote would never cancel out Dad’s. I am grateful this vision of "family voting" has been passed down to me, and today as I prepared to go to the polls, my heart’s desire was to vote in accordance with my parents.

It shows a feministic mind set and lack of understanding the concept of Biblical authority for young women to say that who and what we vote for is "our own business." We are under the authority of our fathers and should seek to honor them by not canceling out their vote. Personally, it is my desire that our country was structured so that only the heads of the household cast his vote on behalf of the family. Since our country gives all individuals over the age of 18 the right to vote, I desire, like my mother, to use my "right" in seconding my father’s vote.

Here in Texas I was privileged to cast my vote in defense of marriage by voting "yes" on this proposition. Although I am grateful to live in a state where a proposition such as this has a chance of success, my heart breaks when thinking of how far my beloved country has sunk to even need such a wording in a state constitution. Instead of having a despairing spirit about the course America is taking, my resolve to live a culture-changing life has been further strengthened by seeing the depths man can fall to when he has forsaken Biblical principles of living. May God bless our efforts to affect our culture, one family at a time.



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