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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


How wonderful and exciting it is to see a young man and a young woman honor God by following His principles in regards to marriage. So many marriages today end in divorce, partly due to the nonchalant, frivolous attitude encouraged by dating. There is little thought given to counsel from parents, earnest prayer regarding the Lord's Will, and truly seeking to know that this is a person you are willing and able to live with for the rest of your life. One example of how far we as a culture have rejected God's plan for marriage is found in most modern weddings. It is become only a tradition with little or no meaning for a father to walk his daughter, the bride, down the aisle and give her away to the waiting groom. But all this is not so in the story I am about to tell.

Many years ago a dear and precious family came into my life. As time passed I was privileged to become close friends with their younger daughter, Danielle. Through countless sleep-overs, family get-togethers, church functions, and even joining Danielle and her family on trips, I came to deeply love them all, including the oldest daughter, Rachel.

Rachel was an example and inspiration of incredible diligence and perseverance as she studied to one day become a midwife. She had such a sweet love for young children and a tender compassion for expecting mothers. Willingly she endured grueling school hours and little sleep in her effort to learn the skill of midwifery while staying under the roof and authority of her father. God blessed Rachel with many unique experiences through her desire to serve Him. Although not yet a midwife, she has single-handedly delivered two babies in cars while en route to their original delivery destination. This feat has earned her the well deserved nickname of "The Mobile Midwife." But I digress. My story today is not only about Rachel, but also includes a young man named Joe.

One morning earlier this year, Rachel, along with her mother and sister, came to visit Mom and me. Nothing was very unusual about that, or so at least I thought. While gathered around our table, Rachel all of the sudden began to speak. "Mrs. Horn," she said, "I want to tell you a story about a young man and a young woman . . ." Through many happy tears we listened as Rachel explained how a certain young gentleman had requested permission from her father to court her. Permission had been granted, and so a new chapter opened in Rachel's life.

Over the next several months I was blessed to watch, mostly from a distance, how God was drawing these two young people together. Due to our move, I was not able to spend much time with Rachel and Joe, but through telephone conversations with my dear friend, Rachel's sister, I was kept abreast of all that was happening. A few days ago we received glorious news as Rachel called to announce her engagement to Joe. Or, as she put it, "Someone asked me a question, and I said yes!" My heart filled with joy. What a tremendously happy and special time it is to witness an upcoming union of two Christians who seek to live with Christ as the center of their lives.

Joe, Rachel is much loved by all of us and we are thrilled that a man of your caliber has come into her life. Rachel, we are all so excited as God opens this new chapter in His plan for you. Many blessings and congratulations to both of you from the entire Horn family.

Come next May, if the Lord wills, I shall be back in good old New Jersey to witness this wedding. I can hardly wait!

~Rachel and Joe~



Anonymous Rachel said...

Thank you for this special post, Cara. God is so faithful! Our cup overflows. Truly, the Lord "is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think" and He makes "every thing beautiful in HIS time."

Love you girl! So eager to see you in May!

10:41 PM  

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