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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Growing up I had a special privilege relatively few people in America share today. My name stood for something.

The small town where I spent the first 18 years of my life was the same place my grandfather was born and raised, and where my dad, his son, grew up as well. As a small town grocer, my grandfather built upon his own father's reputation as a fair, honest man. People who shopped at his store knew they were not being cheated or short-changed, and many are the appreciative remarks I've heard over the years about my grandfather.

When my dad started his own law practice in that same town many years ago, he also had the privilege to build upon his father's name. Dad was known by all around him to be an incredibly uncompromising, honest attorney. He truly had a heart to help people with their problems. These were attributes which stood out in sharp contrast to the majority of those who shared the same professional field.

Over the past couple of years I have been blessed on numerous occasions by people expressing to me their personal appreciation for the honesty and integrity of both my grandfather and my dad. More than once, a person has asked me if I am related to the Horns who owned the grocery store on Main Street as they share memories of time spent there. While working in my dad's office, numerous people have inquired of me, "Are you Jeff's daughter?" as they express their gratefulness for the character my father possesses. It was always with pride, never shame, that I could happily claim my relation to both of these men.

Now that we are in Texas, far away from most of our connections, I find that heritage of carrying on a good name has not been abandoned by then next generation of Horn men. When Tim moved to San Antonio two years prior to our relocation, he established a reputation for hardwork and integrity which I have been blessed to have people share with me about. It is a joy, not an embarrassment, to be know as "Tim's sister," and to be associated with his name as we begin our life here in Texas.

Truly, what a heritage it is to carry a good name.



Blogger The Horn Family said...

Your father was most grateful as he read this post that you have an appreciation for your family legacy. It brought back memories to him of being told over the years that his grandfather and his great uncle were men of supreme integrity and honesty. May God give you sons that too will carry on this blessing of the Lord!

6:57 AM  

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