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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Last Friday night, Tim and I joined a group of other young people (and a few young-at-heart!) for an evening of food, fellowship, and fun at the Sarratt home. It was such a joy for me to gather around the dining-room table and talk, swap stories, laugh, and learn a little more about the other young ladies who live in this area.

I have learned that an evening at the Sarratt home is far from dull, not that I ever thought it would be! Fierce games of air hockey were fought with much spirit and zest throughout the night. Tim, to my knowledge, still reigns as the official air hockey champ, but more than one person expressed a longing desire to change that. For those who cared to play, games of ping-pong were being waged in the garage as well, although I never made it out there myself.

As the evening progressed, the real games began. Although I have played "Pictionary" on numerous occasions, never before have I enjoyed the exhilarating form of this game known as "Running Pictionary." I'm sure I won't do justice to this game in attempting to describe it, but I shall try. Separating into two teams, each team tries to be first in completing the list of things or ideas to draw. An impartial contestant, in this case Mr. Sarratt, has charge over this list which both teams work from, and only gives the next word to draw when a team has correctly guessed the previous answer. Whichever team finishes the list first, wins.

As a church we have been studying the book of James, so Mr. Sarratt cleverly compiled the list of words to draw directly from that book. Cindy Sarratt was the champ on our team. Whenever we were stumped, she would start quoting portions of the book of James in an attempt to stumble upon the right verse.

I look forward to more times of fellowship with these new San Antonio friends. Many thanks to the dear Sarratt family for their graciousness in opening up their home.



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