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Monday, October 31, 2005


As readers of this blog might remember from a previous post, this past weekend was the 2nd Annual San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. To summarize the vision of this Film Festival in a few words is challenging, but I shall try. This event seeks to inspire filmmakers, both young and old, to create God-honoring films which not only uphold Biblical principles, but achieve a high standard of professionalism and quality. It also serves as a time for those seriously interested in the filmmaking industry to network with one another and learn the legal, technical, and business aspects of producing and directing films. For those who lack the skills, talent, or desire to make films (I would be included in that category) this festival is a wonderful time of enjoying the fruits of the hard labors of others by watching some fascinating, funny, though-provoking, instructive, and convicting films. Of course, it's all the people who attend which really make the time so special.

Rekindling old friendships, renewing acquaintances, and meeting new people was the highlight of this time for me. It was great to see the Erber, Serven, Valenti and Zes families. We enjoyed having Tim's friend Caleb and his family over for an ice cream social Sunday night along with Tim's former housemates, Shannon Moeller and Michael Fowl. Hosting good friends Lydia and Micah Neidhart and Nathanael Cordz for the entire weekend was also such a blessing.

It was a true privilege on my part to meet and spend some time with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker and his dear wife. They were so kind as to offer to drive me down to the Convention Center with them on Thursday, and I had a truly delightful time visiting with this sweet and humble couple.

Today, after escorting Lydia, Micah, and Nathanael to the airport, Mom, John, and I proceeded to go home and crash. The late nights and early mornings resulted in a lack of sleep for all of us, but we so enjoyed the fellowship of our dear friends.

Mom was so kind and sacrificially sweet throughout the whole weekend. She had to stay home several of the nights to be with PopPop, but did so without complaint. Just as the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, she would arise early every morning to fix everyone breakfast before we departed. Snacks were always ready when we arrived home hungry late at night, and we all enjoyed talking over the days events around the kitchen table together.

Hopefully I will be able to show some pictures of the festival on a later post, but anyone who would like to see some pictures and a more detailed account of the past few days now, check out this site.


Monday, October 24, 2005


A dear friend of mine just informed me that she will be attending the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival this weekend. Mom was worried that we might have a mouse problem when she heard my squeals of delight after reading my friend's e-mail. Lydia, we can't wait to see you!

Due to the craziness of our schedule this week, I probably will not have time to post much, if at all. Hopefully, when life simmers down some, I shall post some pictures and a description of this year's Film Festival. Until then.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


A minutes drive from our house is a lovely park filled with winding trails and a glorious little pond. We love going there to stroll through the woods, or even to stand and admire the water. Here are a few pictures we took the other day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


On the occasion of my dear friend's 22nd birthday, I would like to
share a favorite poem of mine dealing with the subject of friendship.


I think that God will never send
A gift so precious as a friend,
A friend who always understands
And fills each need as it demands
Whose loyalty will stand the test,
When skies are bright or overcast.

Who sees the faults that merit blame.
But keeps on loving just the same;
Who does far more than creeds could do
To make us good, to make us true,
Earth's gifts a sweet enjoyment lend
But only God can give a friend.
~Dr. Rosalie Carter

Monday, October 17, 2005


As a young girl, I remember the nightly prayers Mom offered up to God, asking that He would place His angels around her children and keep us safe. Her prayers were not in vain.

Today, while Mom, John, PopPop and I were out driving, we were rear-ended while stopped at a red light. God was so merciful because the only damage done was a few marks in the paint on the rear bumper. This was especially significant since the person at fault possessed neither a driver's license or car insurance. We all experienced quite a jolt, but have no whiplash symptoms.

This little fender-bender brought back memories of my more serious accident a little over two years ago. Whenever I think of all that could or should have happened to me then, I am overwhelmed at God's mercy. I am also grateful for my mother's prayers. Thanks, Mom, for praying.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


"When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does, it send you - the taxpayer - the bill."

~Ronald Reagan, 1974

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

While I was doing school this morning, I came across Proverbs 1:23. "Turn you at my reproof: be hold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you." I thought it would be interesting to do an in-depth study of it. So here is what I found. First of all, I have to give it in context. It is continuing from the previous verses, that are talking about wisdom, and that it is crying out to men. So when it says, "turn you at my reproof," it means that wisdom, is calling out to the men, and telling them to turn at her reproof. I believe it means that when we are doing something foolish, we are to turn away from it, when wisdom tells us that it is wrong. And continuing on from that phrase, it is listing the good things that will befall us if we take heed to her. "I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you." It's saying, that when we take heed to her call, we will have wisdom poured out onto us, and we will know words that we could not understand before. This is what Matthew Henry said in his commentary:

"He invites them to repent and become wise, v. 23. Turn you at my reproof, that is, return to your right mind, turn to God, turn to your duty, turn and live. Those that love simplicity find themselves under a moral impotency to change their own mind and way; they cannot turn by any power of their own. To this God answers, 'Behold, I will pour out my Spirit unto you; set yourselves to do what you can, and the grace of God shall work in you both to will and to do that good which, without that grace, you could not do.' I will pour out my Spirit unto you. The means of this grace is the word. It is therefore promised, 'I will make known my words unto you, not only speak them to you, but give you to understand them.'"

Thank you Matthew Henry for such a good insight about that verse. For an ending summary, I believe that if we give heed to the call of wisdom, and turn at her reproof, that we will be given much good in return. Thanks for reading this.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Mom and Cara having fun in their new kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bright and early Saturday morning we all set out on a much anticipated trip to the town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Situated among the rolling slopes of the Texas Hill Country, this quaint town offers a superb shopping and dining experience to tourists and locals alike. A cool front had at last blown in, driving out the stifling heat of the past three weeks which made the day much more enjoyable. There is something to be said for an 80 degree day.

Mom and I were delighted with the vast array of shops which line the main thoroughfare of the town. We loved browsing and pointing out to each other cute and unusual items found on the shelves. Dad was kind enough to wait for us outside the different shops with PopPop, but I think he enjoyed the relaxing pace and vacation-like atmosphere of a Saturday out with his family.

Fredericksburg has definitely been marked as a "must see" when all our dear friends from back home come and visit. (Hint, hint!)

We started the day at Denny's, in the city of Beorne, on our way to Fredericksburg.

Mom and John, enjoying the glorious day.

John and me in front of the town square where a homemade furniture show was being held.

One of the numerous shops which line both sides of the main street for 7 - 8 blocks.

Mom, glancing through some information about Fredericksburg during our picnic lunch in the town square.

Mom and me sitting on a park bench after a most delightful day browsing through shops.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yes, the Horn family has now joined the realm of the world of blogs. I'm not promising that this site will be updated on a regular basis, but we shall try to keep our friends back home in New Jersey informed of the important (or not so important) happenings of life at the Horn household.

Tonight we enjoyed the first cool evening here in San Antonio! This is no small praise given that the temperature has soared to 100 degrees + on more than one occasion these past few weeks.

The development we live in is situated on the top of a hill from which the sparkling lights of downtown San Antonio can be viewed at night. The area right around us is quite lovely with the gently rolling hills and the nature preserve located right across the street from our development.

After 2 1/2 weeks here, life is starting to settle into a routine. We no longer scour the telephone book for a take-out place or pull a pizza out of the freezer for dinner after hours spent opening boxes. I never knew that one family could accumulate so much stuff.

Living with Tim again has been such a joy for us all. Of course, as life would have it, he left only a week and a half after we moved for a work related trip back East. Tim should be home next Tuesday night, Lord willing, and we look forward to his return.

I do hope this little blog helps to keep us all connected with our dear friends back home. We love and miss you all.